About Us


V.BELLAN is a gender-neutral New York jewelry brand that embodies the perfect blend of classic and cool. Our range includes custom-made-to-order bespoke jewelry and fashion fine pieces in solid gold, designed to stand the test of time and cherished by generations. Our seasonal contemporary collections in brass showcase our love of sleek lines and architectural inspirations creating a polished yet bold aesthetic.

Each piece in our collection is a testament to the love and memory of my beloved daughter, representing the pieces I imagined she would cherish and borrow from me as she journeyed through life. Our personalized jewelry was a way to document life’s most memorable moments that remind us of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Each VB design conveys an effortless statement, empowering our customers to adorn their VB pieces daily – an essential addition to any wardrobe, suited for every occasion.

We value the humanity of all artisans we collaborate with, fostering an inclusive and empowering environment. As part of our commitment to serve the community, we give back to organizations dedicated to supporting mothers, reinforcing the strength and resilience of women worldwide.

Discover the heart and artistry behind V.BELLAN's creations.

about the designer

Vanessa is a New York City based Haitian-American designer that has worked in the jewelry industry since 2011. She has worked on jewelry teams for private label brands and major retailers; as well as worked as a jewelry consultant for up-and-coming and established designers. 

Vanessa has always created and worn her own jewelry pieces for as long as she can remember, as her earliest memory was making beaded earrings and necklaces as a little girl to sell at family yard sales in Massachusetts. As a professional in the jewelry industry, Vanessa started to create her own personal pieces to wear, which quickly caught the attention of friends and strangers.

After creating custom orders for clients as a side hustle for many years, she decided to launch her first capsule collection entitled Enteresant in 2016. The Enteresant Collection was a compilation of all the pieces she created for herself over the years - which all showed her love for simple, clean - yet edgy designs that can be worn daily everywhere.

After suffering the devastating loss of her daughter in 2019, Vanessa designed through her grieving process, resulting in the N.C. Fine Jewelry Collection, Amari Collection, and Bars Collection – leading to the re-launch of the business on what would have been her daughter's first birthday in 2020, as V.BELLAN jewelry.